We need your help to achieve our ambitious goals. As a donor, you’ll help George Mason University reach its full potential. With your contribution, we can continue to go beyond expectations to improve our university and everything it has to offer.


Giving by School

Our strength lies in the diversity of our programs and people. Each of Mason’s colleges have a variety of opportunities waiting for you to explore.

Make a Planned Gift

Legacy gifts represent sustainability for academic and research programs as well as scholarship funds to attract and retain students. Help provide benefits to future generations of Mason students.

Corporate Giving

Mason offers businesses unique access to talent, expertise, and infrastructure. We strive to create partnerships that provide industry leaders and ultimately promote regional economic development.

Annual Giving

Annual gifts provide the university with needed resources for current operations. Donors who make annual gifts help the university sustain high-quality educational initiatives. Annual gifts may be unrestricted to allow university leadership to support areas of greatest need or they may be designated to a specific university area or activity.