The College of Science provides scientific insight and solutions to society’s rapidly changing needs and demands by blending traditional science education with sought-after programs in the high-profile disciplines of molecular medicine, climate dynamics, environmental conservation and sustainability, cosmic exploration, forensics, and geospatial intelligence. We serve as a vital community and regional resource for science education through hands-on programming for K-12 students, teacher training, and community outreach programs. The college also is a leader in the development of creative STEM initiatives to challenge and engage students at all levels.

Scientific Insight and Solutions for Today’s Global Society

As the university’s leading research enterprise, the College of Science aims to become an engine of innovation and discoveries relevant to the greatest challenges of our time. Your philanthropic investment is needed to help the college accomplish these goals:

  • develop a curriculum that fosters entrepreneurial thinking and multidisciplinary approaches to solving complex problems;
  • accelerate the translation of theoretical science into products, services, and therapeutics that enhance society and quality of life;
  • catalyze regional economic development with research, academic programs, and graduates that meet the demands of industry.

Priority Funding Needs

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    COS Scholarship Fund

    Scholarships provide critical resources for students within the College, assisting tomorrow’s scientists, teachers, and problem solvers.

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    COS Endowed Chair opportunities

    The greatest universities have the best minds, the most creative researchers, and the most-engaged teachers. Building a strong base of faculty talent enriches the academic environment, which inspires the most innovative students. Funds from endowed chairs support the recruitment, retention, and research of our most esteemed faculty.

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    Science Research Scholars Fund

    Creative research is the central mission of great universities. The Science Research Scholars Fund recognizes academic excellence and provides the support for undergraduate and graduate students in the College to engage in innovative research opportunities.


Audrey Kelaher

 Senior Director of Development
703-993-3436 |

“We must accelerate the rate of scientific discovery. We must invest in faculty, students and facilities and provide seed funding to bring the best ideas to reality. Mason has built a solid foundation in the sciences and now is the time to break through.”

—Dean Peggy Agouris