This is one of the most transformative periods in our history, and the education we offer must continue to keep pace within an ever-changing business landscape. Traditional business practices have been upended and evolved. What we teach, and how we teach, sets up each and every student to forge ahead of the current business climate. Our graduates are the innovative business leaders of tomorrow.

A Place for Opportunity

The Donald G. Costello College of Business relies on our incredible network of alumni, corporations, and friends who generously give their time, talent, and financial support to help us transform our program. Regardless of size, every gift positions our school for excellence by enriching the curriculum, preparing graduates to meet the business needs of today, and creating opportunities for students and faculty to gain firsthand experience in global markets.

Priority Funding Needs

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    Business in Action

    The School of Business is home to five specialized centers that support faculty research, curriculum development, and offer real-world experiences. These centers are committed to delivering the leadership the world needs, and they provide valuable opportunities for interaction among scholars, students and industry leaders. The centers range from the study of innovation and entrepreneurship to a national initiative of government contracting.

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    Supporting Our Students

    Scholarships help the School of Business help those that are in need, and us recruit top students and ensure that the school continues to grow in reputation and national rankings. Scholarship support helps some of the brightest business minds, and transforms the next generation to make an impact on how the world engages in business.

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    Empowering Our Faculty

    We understand the power of exceptional faculty dedicated to excellent teaching, scholarly accomplishment, and transformative student mentoring. Gifts to faculty excellence underwrite research initiatives and the study of business issues that affect organizations across all industries internationally. Supporting faculty funds allows the Dean to recruit for best-in-class professors.

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    Student Initiatives

    This support creates opportunities for students and faculty that would not otherwise be possible such as student global experiences, new technology, and program support. Programs such as Career Services rely on funding to provide personalized career coaching experiences for each student, professional development networking events, and prepare career-ready graduates for industry beyond their first job.  



Christina Spring

Director of Development
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“College is getting more expensive every year, and having a family to care for makes it really hard to pay for classes. I am thankful to know that there are good people in this world who are willing to help. Because of their generosity, I will be able to focus on getting my degree and support my family the way they deserve.”

–Franklin Funes, Management Major