Through a range of direct services and programs, University Life supports every student at Mason, from orientation to graduation, with effects that last well beyond.  We have established a thriving, inclusive campus community that delivers a signature learning experience to every Mason student, and supports the development of career-ready, globally-minded citizens who will strengthen our communities and help to shape our world.

Build a Transformational Learning Experience

We have much to be proud of; there is no discrepancy of outcomes at Mason between students of different cultural and racial backgrounds, and Mason graduates enjoy higher starting salaries and lower student debt than their counterparts from other major Virginia institutions. These outcomes are a strong testament to the programs and services offered by University Life, which continues to adapt to changing student demographics and an increasing complexity of student needs.

Priority Funding Needs

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    Providing Access to Excellence

    More than 36 percent of Mason’s students are the first in their family to attend college and often lack the support and knowledge base required to successfully navigate the student experience.  We remain committed to providing first-generation, low-income, high-ability students access to a quality education at Mason.

    Specific areas of need include support for the: Early Identification Program (EIP), Student Transition Empowerment Program (STEP), Mason Autism Support Initiative (MASI), and for students whose immigration status would otherwise hinder them from accessing higher education.

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    Building Opportunities for Student Leadership

    We believe in developing strong citizens who will help ensure and promote the common good. By building our student leadership opportunities and integrating them across the co-curriculum, we can help shape Mason students as career-ready contributors to an increasingly global and connected society.

    Specific areas of need include scholarship support for: students completing unpaid internships and student leaders who serve in roles that educate their peers and the Mason community at large.

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    Supporting Students in Need

    The stressors facing college students today are legion, comprising economic and financial concerns; demanding lifestyles and rising expectations; increasingly complex health challenges; and rising levels of overall stress and anxiety. Strong services are required to ensure students facing a crisis do not fall behind.

    Specific areas of need include support for: students experiencing food and/or housing insecurity and students seeking mental health care resources.


Kaitlin Cicchetti

Director of Development
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