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Your gift of $100, $200, or more can help a Mason student in need immediately.

To Help Students

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Kaitlin Cicchetti, PhD
Director of Advancement
University Life

Progress to Date: $4.92 million distributed to 4,468 students

During calendar year 2020

Includes charitable gifts and university funds distributed.

Students Describe Your Gift’s Impact

“[When] I lost my job as a server in D.C. due to COVID-19, I no longer had a source of income and was unable to pay my bills. I was frantic trying to find new work and file for unemployment, unable to even think about my studies because survival was the main priority.

My professor suggested I apply for emergency funding through University Life. The funding came through and I felt as though I could breathe again. The funding has allowed me to shift my focus from ‘how I am going to pay for rent, food, and bills?’ back to my studies. I am eternally grateful for the support I have received from my Mason family.” —Mason student, 3/23/20

“After having my normal 40-hour work week cut down to  16 hours due to the Covid-19 outbreak, my life changed before my eyes in seconds. When I had heard that Mason was offering emergency funding, I truly could not believe it, I filled out my application as fast as I could. … Within a couple of days, it was decided that I had been approved for emergency funding.

This opportunity has given me a sense of security and has put my mind at ease. I am so grateful that I can continue to pay my bills during this trying time, and that my academic success here at Mason will not be affected due to the virus. I truly could not thank the committee and donors enough, for this wonderful chance to remain happy and healthy during this time!” —Mason student, 3/22/20

Now More Than Ever, Mason Students Need You

Over the past several months, the impacts from the coronavirus outbreak have turned the lives of thousands of our students upside down. Our campuses, which initially closed in the spring, have now reopened for the fall semester, with a mix of online and in-person classes. Uncertainty, mixed with hope for a return to normalcy, continues to affect students. [You can read about Mason’s response here.]

At this moment, many students lack the financial cushion needed to pay their rent or tuition, or even to be sure where their next meal is coming from.

For these students, just a few hundred dollars can make all the difference.

At Mason, we are proud to be home to over 38,000 students from all socioeconomic backgrounds. Many of them face significant financial obstacles even in normal times. Especially right now, many are at risk of dropping out.

Across the Mason community, people are asking, “How can we help? What can I do?”

In response, University Life has established the Student Emergency Assistance Fund, aimed at getting much-needed assistance in the hands of Mason students now. Using an online application form, more than 3,000 students have applied for help.

They are asking for help with basic things like paying rent, utility bills, childcare, even having enough to eat. Some are suddenly unemployed, and for them, that part-time job may have been essential. Many vulnerable students are wondering if they can even complete the semester.

You can help. Your gift to this fund will provide immediate financial assistance and other resources to students facing an unexpected financial crisis that could derail their progress towards a degree.

Every donation will help a student in need—empowering them to succeed.

Please make your gift to the Student Emergency Assistance Fund today.

In this uncertain time, we are all looking for ways to help others. Thank you for helping a Mason student today. Together, we are Mason.

NOTE: Contributions to the Student Emergency Assistance Fund will be managed by the Office of University Life and will be awarded to the students with the greatest need, regardless of college or school affiliation.