A relatively young law school, Mason Law is a unique phenomenon, accented by our steadfast commitment to a no-nonsense, interdisciplinary curriculum anchored by economic analysis. With extraordinary new support for student scholarships provided by generous philanthropic gifts, the school in 2016 was rechristened as Antonin Scalia Law School, in honor of the late Supreme Court justice. Still affectionately referred to by alumni and friends as Mason Law, the school has maintained its Top 50 ranking by retaining high admission standards in the face of a contracting legal services market.

30+ Years of Mason Law

Thanks to this philanthropic support and a bold strategy for success, the school is now prepared to thrive as the law market appears ready to turn. New Dean Henry N. Butler has energized the entire Mason Law community to drive our school toward elite status in American legal education. We are prepared to go beyond what is expected and to deliver superior results to our students and alumni.

Law schools produce leaders, and Mason Law does this exceptionally well because of our unique commitment to challenging the status quo. We prepare our students to learn, to challenge, and to lead—a commitment complimented by:

  • Our exceptional location for student opportunities;
  • Our exceptional community for students, alumni, faculty, and staff;
  • Our exceptional career support services; and
  • Our exceptional market-oriented faculty.

“From the start, Mason Law has been home to an exceptional market-oriented faculty whose work has placed us at the center of foundational debates on liberty, private property rights, constitutionally limited government, and the economic analysis of law. The goal of these committed scholar-teachers is to deliver superior customer service and results to our students, advancing the legal field and our nation at large.”

—Dean Henry N. Butler


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Advancement Services Manager
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