Honoring “Mr. Mason”

Mason Thanks: Dave Roe

Dave Roe, BS Accounting ’89, MBA ’96—Mason double alum, donor extraordinaire, adjunct faculty member, and Foundation employee of more than 25 years—was honored at a retirement celebration on the afternoon of Tuesday, October 25. He had served most recently as director of real estate and administration at the George Mason University Foundation, Inc.

Photo: Dave Roe, at left, at the 2019 Diversity Scholarship Golf Classic.

The event welcomed friends, family, and colleagues to celebrate Dave’s many years of service and commitment to George Mason University. Speeches were given by the university foundation president, Janet Bingham; the dean of the Business School, Sarah Nutter; the director of Athletic Bands and conductor for the Green Machine, Doc Nix; Mason donor and Board of Trustees member Paul Kyle; and Alumni Association president-elect Jen Shelton—along with a special “Roe-trospective” detailing the impeccable record of Dave’s many years of involvement with George Mason University, presented by Chris Clark-Talley and Andy Ackley of Alumni Relations.

From his start at Mason as an undergraduate to his recent retirement from the foundation, Dave has remained unflinchingly loyal to Mason.  He received his BS in Accounting in 1989, followed by his MBA in 1996, despite his swearing to never set foot in an academic setting again after receiving his undergraduate degree. He then taught accounting as an adjunct professor, while working for the GMU Foundation.

Dave will go down in history as one of Mason’s biggest sports fans. He can be seen at almost every Mason soccer and basketball game sporting his green and gold and cheering the Patriots on.

Perhaps the most notable of Dave’s many accolades is that he is one of Mason’s biggest alumni donors. His commitment to the well-being and achievement of Mason students is overwhelming. Dave and his wife, Pam, have endowed several scholarships at the University, including the Pamela A. Roe Music Scholarship Endowment, the David A. Roe Business Leadership Scholarship Endowment, and the Roe Soccer Scholarship Endowment.

As Doc Nix mentioned in remarks given on the occasion, if it weren’t for philanthropic support from the Roes, Mason might not have the expansive and top-rated drum line that it boasts today.

With this extensive history with, and support of, the university, it’s no surprise that Dave was crowned “Mr. Mason” (sash and all) by his loving and appreciative colleagues.

In his closing remarks, Dave praised the foundation and how far it’s come, the staff for all the great work they’re doing, and Mason for always striving to be better. He expressed a strong hope for his future relationship to the university in retirement, with a new opportunity “to be an alumnus twice, from the outside looking in. I hopefully will find some other opportunity in the non-profit world that will indirectly benefit Mason,” he added, “but Pam and I will continue to be donors.” While his boisterous laugh may no longer be heard daily in the Foundation halls, his memory will live on through the lives he’s changed, whether it be through his philanthropic support or his caring demeanor.

Donations in honor of Dave Roe can be made to the aforementioned funds he has endowed or to other funds at the university. If you would like to make a donation in honor of Dave, you can do so by noting it on your check or by checking the appropriate marker on the online giving form.

10/26/2016 / Chelsea McDow